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We Pick It Up!

So You Can Focus On Important Matters


ASR has polled several different size roofing companies and found convenience as the #1 factor in waste disposal decisions. #2 is cost. 


Green Squares offers specially designed roofing dumpsters and trailers for rent or purchase. Our We Pick It Up! service saves time. We reward consistent recycling with Periodic Special Offers to save you money. Green Squares will certify your tons recycled and offer tips and marketing tools to broadcast your responsibility to your community.

Roofers, Earn points for dumpster rental

Roofers, Get 75 Points             per rental! 

Now Available through Your Roofing Distributor

*Available for Current and New Green Squares Customers. Must Mention ad at time of purchase.

 Recycle and start      earning  today!

  • Tip at one of ASR convenience centers and pay by the ton

  • Or buy disposal by the square through your roofing distributor & Save $

  • We track your squares recycled... online.

  • We do the math... Broadcast your lbs. recycled to your community

Call us or use our online Scheduler for delivery of

  • Holds up to 50 squares of shingle waste

  • Special area for non-recyclables

  • Save an average of $100.00 per job when you order from your favorite reailer or roofing distributor 

Register To Earn Points & Rewards

Save money and market your recycling success:

  • Greens Squares Tracks, Recognizes and Publishes Your Tons Recycled…. on Your Private Online Site

  • Every Tip Earns Credit toward Periodic Rewards

  • Rent a Job Site Industrial Recycling Bin 

  • Or Tip Your Trailer at Our Convenience Centers

Convenience Centers 
Fast & No Flats



Residential Roofing is our Only Business!

  • Clean hard packed dump areas

  • POWERFUL magnet sweeping system

  •  Save Up to 45% or more versus landfill

Measure and Broadcast

Your Company's Recycling Goals & Success!


"That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially." - Karl Pearson, influential English mathematician and biometrician. He has been credited with establishing the discipline of mathematical statistics. 

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