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 Recycle and start      earning  today!

  • Tip at one of ASR convenience centers and pay by the ton

  • Or buy disposal by the square through your roofing distributor & Save $

  • We track your squares recycled... online.

  • We do the math... Broadcast your lbs. recycled to your community

Roofers, Get 10XPoints              in August! 

Now Available through Your Roofing Distributor

*Available for Current and New Green Squares Customers. Must Mention ad at time of purchase.
Advertise Your Goals on Job Site
Truck Signs

TIP: Incorporate your sustainability message on your trucks, dumspters, job signs and employee t-shirts. 

Broadcast Your Recycling Goals 

TIP: Send a press release to local media and mention the success dashboard available on on your website. 


"That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially." - Karl Pearson, influential English mathematician and biometrician. He has been credited with establishing the discipline of mathematical statistics. 

Publicize & Generate Leads  

TIP: Send E-mail and Direct Mail around your current and past roofing  jobs.

Register To Earn Points & Rewards

Save money and market your recycling success:


  • Greens Squares Tracks, Recognizes and Publishes Your Tons Recycled…. on Your Private Online Sit

  • Every Tip Earns Credit toward Periodic Rewards

  • Rent a Job Site Industrial Recycling Bin 

  • Or Tip Your Trailer at Our Convenience Centers

Success Dashboard  

TIP: As your company recycles, make it a habit to keep employees and homeowners up to date on your continued success. 

Measure & Broadcast Your Company's Recycling Goals Success


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